Standard QR Codes

Standard QR Codes don’t change. For custom QR Codes (for alerts, setting Target Temp, etc), see the QR Code Generator: QR Code Generator

Clearing Email Alerts

To clear email alert settings, use this QR Code:


Prefix QR Codes

Prefix QR Codes are used to categorize barcode data. Two scans are required to collect and categorize the data. The first scan is the prefix QR code, which lets the T Probe know what type of data is about to be collected. The second scan is for the barcode of that type. There are 2 different types of prefix QR Codes: SKU and License Plate (or LPN). The License Plate is generally a one-time use barcode, unique to a single pallet, where a SKU is used multiple times for identical products. These values are saved to the dashboard for a single freeze test only, and are cleared from the T Probe when it is returned to the docking station.

1st Scan (Prefix QR Code)2nd Scan (Data to be collected, example text only)Result in Dashboard
SKU Prefix QR Code
Example SKU BarcodeSKU: 207901760006
Prefix QR Code License Plate
Example License Plate BarcodeLPN: 13032020060002171182198