T Probe is a data collection tool for freezing. With a built-in barcode scanner, product temp probe and built-in air temp probe, it is easy to assemble the data required for a 360° view of your freeze performance. Charting is automatically generated and easy to export from the free online dashboard.

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Tippmann Engineering (TE) specializes in the manufacturing of equipment for temperature controlled environments.  TE is nationally recognized for the patented QuickFreeze In-Rack Freezing System for freezing and tempering palletized products. QuickFreeze draw-thru air technology is proven to be the fastest way to freeze or temper a pallet. Our in-rack & modular freezing/tempering technologies will bring the most energy efficient cost savings to your cold storage project.  Tippmann Engineering offers accessories and engineering services to help modernize your current freezing, cooling, and tempering processes within your facility.  We look forward to discussing your current and future projects.

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